Greetings in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus.  My prayer is that your week has gotten off to a good start.  Yesterday was a great day of worship and I trust you were in the presence of Christ throughout the day.


      You may recall that the previous Sunday we spoke about testing in our lives and understanding that God tests us to refine and purify us, while the devil will tempt us. In the morning service yesterday we used Jesus’ experience in the wilderness to gain insight into precisely how we are tempted.  We looked at three avenues of temptation. 


First, we are tempted to take matters into our own hands..…to act independently of God.  Jesus lived a sinless life on earth by totally depending upon His Father.  He desires we do the same.  Keep that in mind the next time you are tempted to do something “ahead” of God’s timing. 


Second, we are tempted to compromise our faith.  We are tempted to take a quick look at that web site, fudge a tad on our tax return, or tell just a little fib.  We cannot serve Christ by keeping one foot in the world, and the other with God.  It just won’t work!!


Third, we are tempted to put God to the test.  How does that happen?  When we test Him to see just how far He’ll let us go down the wrong path.  To see just how much we can disobey Him and still receive His blessings.  This is perhaps the most subtle of the three ways and can easily trip up even the discerning Christian. 


The remedy to combat these temptations?  Stay humble, stay in the Word, keep it in your heart and on your lips, and stay prayed up!!  Have a great week as you walk with Jesus.


Bro. Bill

Cell 903-280-1119



For the Helping Hands Food Pantry


If you missed the beginning of this project, you can still be involved.  Sacks are available in the office or bring your own.  Fill your sack with non-perishable food items and bring to the church office or the Fellowship Hall.


Ladies of FBC!!

Join us December 4th @ 6:00 pm in the ROC for a fun time of baking cookies and fellowship.  This will also serve as an Outreach and Inreach opportunity for our church.  We will package the cookies and during the week they will be delivered to the businesses in our community and also to people that are being ministered to through our Inreach committee.  More details will follow in the weeks to come.  So mark your calendars and let’s join together for                                                                                                                            fellowship and reaching others!






Last Sunday’s service was so good.  Thank you all for your participation.  Thank you especially to the Praise Team, Kaela Taylor and Jeff Anderson. Great music presented so well!


If you missed the Organ Recital/Dedication, you missed a blessing. So thankful for all who came. Bryan did such a great job and I think the organ sounds beautiful. It will add to our worship for years to come. I also want to thank Mrs. Marilyn Chambers and the hostess committee for the refreshments served at the reception.


The Community Thanksgiving service is this Sunday night at 6:00 at FBC. The community choir will rehearse at 5:00 in the auditorium. Even if you are not in the choir, please make plans to join us in the choir for this service. The music will be easy and you will have  plenty of singers to lean on.


Bro. Bob


Outreach , Inreach, SR Adults and ROC Committees


Dr. Greg Addison from the AR Baptist Association will be here on December 2nd @ 2:30 pm to lead an Outreach/Inreach training for our committees.  As we are beginning this new work in our church, this will be a great opportunity to learn some new and cutting edge ideas about how to reach our community as well as those inside our church.  Bro. Greg is excited to come and be with us so mark your calendars and look forward to a great session!

The session will be held in the Couples II Sunday School classroom.




This Wednesday we are going to be having a service based on 1 word; Thankfulness. From the songs that we sing, to the verses we read, to what we talk about, everything will be geared around thankfulness and how it should be evident in our lives. It is going to be a great night of worship and I cannot wait to see the students and worship with them! 


Dec 1st is only 3 weeks away and that means that Breakfast With Santa right around the corner! From 9-11am on Dec. 1st, we will be having a community event where we offer a free pancake breakfast as well as free pictures with Santa. With the amount of handouts we have already given out at Fall Festival and the ones that will be sent out from the school to every child in the next   couple of days, I am excited to see the outcome! With an event this big, we need your help! We need men and women to come early to cook some pancakes. We need some adults to be passing out information on our church and meeting new people. We need some to help with ornament making and cookie decoration. We need some to help with pictures and maintaining the line for the pictures. There are a lot of working parts to this event, and we need as many people as we can get! Let's be the church that love to serve our community and show how much we love and care!  



John 1:4

Turner  Roberts


We need volunteers for Youth Supper on Wednesday nights!! Contact Lonni Davis  500-3190


Watch this space for announcements about upcoming events.


November Operation Chrsitmas Child Item:

$9 to place in your box


Nov.14-  Operation Christmas Child Packing Party

Food:  Jana Evans, Melinda Long, Jessica Long





Nov. 28- Missions Night: We will learn about  International Missionaries.  We will take up money for the Lottie Moon Offering all through December!

                                                                                                           Food:  Erin Taylor, Heather Cotton

December Item:

Money for Lottie Moon Offering


Dec.5-  The Greatest Gift Night—We will hear the Christmas Story.

Food:  Kay Hartshorn & Amy Hartshorn


Dec. 12-  PJ Night

Food:  Lezlie Foote & Derenda Stanley

Thanks to everyone who helps with AWANA!!



Kristin Nutter



Bob Barnes                   853-6996

Todd Callaway             831-9538

Dan Courson                 304-7264

Steve Hartshorn           853-6070




November 18, 2018

Ushers:  Todd Callaway, Chairman, Larry Dorman, Jackie Lauhon, Brian Rabb, Dane Weindorf, Ben Rabb, Brent Harrod, Jeff Anderson, Greg Stephenson, Kevin Norton, DJ Courtney


November 11: Bed Babies: Marilyn Chambers

                      2 & 3 Year Olds:  Randi Burchfield

November 25: Bed Babies: Need Volunteer

                      2 & 3 Year Olds:  Emily Wright

Please be in your area by 10:45 for choir members to get in place.