Greetings in the Wonderful Name of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Here at FBC  Hamburg, it seems that each and every time we gather to worship, God pours out a special blessing upon us.  I trust that you were at the morning service this past week and sensed Christ’s presence.

We welcomed several new members and we give God glory for that.  Bill Burchfield joined through transfer of membership from a sister Baptist Church & Randi came upon statement of her faith having previously received Christ and being baptized.  Rick & Amanda  Murdaugh both came by transfer of letters from Baptist churches.  And Leyton Cotton came forward publicly stating his faith in Christ.  He is now is a candidate for baptism.  Please get to know these folks, pray for them, and let them know how loved and appreciated they are.


God keeps on speaking to my heart about LAFing?  Is He doing that with you too? Probably the most difficult thing for believers to do (it’s pretty much impossible for a non-believer!!) is to LOVE – ACCEPT – FORGIVE one another.  But it’s HIS COMMAND, so let’s do it….let’s LAF!!

Bro. Bill

Cell 903-280-1119



Wow!! If you missed the Sunday morning church service, you missed a wonderful Spirit-filled worship experience.  Tears came into my eyes as the 2 young couples came down front & joined our church, and as Leyton came on profession of faith.  I don’t suppose big guys like me are supposed to react like that , but I did.


Last Sunday morning all the church teachers & class members received a survey dealing with the leadership of the church.  If you were not able to be in Sunday School, please go by the church office this week & get a copy of the survey form from Deedee.  We need these turned in by this Sunday the 19th.  Some of the questions are very direct.  We need your response.


FYI:  The TT has completed sorting through the issues from the Family Forum.  There are over 175 different issues that were identified by the church membership.  The 9 work group leaders have selected an appropriate group of church members to address these issues.  Many have already been taken care of.  Obviously, we don’t have space here to address them all, but in future articles we will address some. We will be attempting to work on all the issues. None of them are what I would call “earth shattering”, but if someone took the time to name one, it is important to them.

FYI:  At the business meeting this coming Sunday night, the church will be electing officers, teachers, committee members, etc for the upcoming year. Did you know that over 85 church members hold at least one position of leadership service in our church.

Kenneth Williams

Steven Harriman


There is a new ladies Sunday School class to be led by Joy Martin that will begin Sunday, September 2nd.  We are planning to purchase new chairs and tables for this classroom.  If you feel led to help with this please contact Deedee in the church office.


What an awesome day in worship. Last Sunday morning was just beyond words. Thank you all for the great singing. Thank you, Pam Smith for the beautiful offertory and a special thanks to our choir for a beautiful worship song. “Jesus, Only Jesus.” That’s all it is! He is all we need. I love the lyric that says, “You stand alone,” (in Your greatness, glory, honor, power and majesty) “I stand amazed” (by Who You are and what You are doing in our lives). What a great message in song.
Choir rehearsal moves to 7:30 this week, as prayer meeting moves to 7:00 in the Couples II classroom.
Children’s Choir will begin on Wednesday, August 22 at 5:00 in the choir room. All children, grades K - 5th are invited.
Bro. Bob


WOM would like to thank everyone who gave to help with the Back to School Bash.  Your generosity will  enable all students to have a great school year.  Again, thank you!!



Sunday school average for July 23, 1911

Total present - 205; Offering - $4.85


Sunday school average for July 1943

Total present - 193; Offering - $485.56


Sunday School  attendance mid to late 1970s

Total enrollment - 587; Attendance - 524; Offering - $3,932.75

This was a “high attendance” day promotion.

Brother Raymond Atwood was pastor; Willard Noble and Fred LaGrone were over Jr. & Sr. high departments.  On this

Particular Sunday, they had 100 youth in attendance between the 2 departments.


Matthew 18:20

For where two or three are gathered in My name, there I am among them.


This will be the last Heritage Focus Point Article


This Wednesday is our Back to School Game Night for First Baptist Students! We will have some door prizes as well as giveaways to those who win some of our games! It is going to be a great kick off night for the school year and a great night to invite new students to join us! 


Sunday, at the end of the educational wing, there will be an information table set up for FBS. This table will have an informational letter, parent newsletter, calendar, and a serving card. This will be a great thing to check out every week and pick up the new information!


For the next month or so, I want to have a section of my article dedicated to answering some frequently asked questions. So for the first one, I want to answer this question: Why are the youth meeting at the ROC on Sunday mornings now instead of the educational building?


That is a great question. This was something that we changed a month ago or so not because we wanted to seclude ourselves from the rest of the church, but because the church is growing! As the church grows on Sunday mornings and we continue to add new Sunday School classes, we have to make space to support all of this. With that being said, we decided after talking with the Sunday School committee that we could move the students to the youth and use those rooms for the new classes and support any other classes we might start. Now we are able to let the students play basketball or video games before Sunday Morning Bible Study, play some music to get them pumped up and meet in a space where students are comfortable. Hope this helps to answer this question that has been brought up a lot! 


Turner Roberts

John 1:4


The Branson Trip is October 18 - 20. We will see “The Haygoods” and “Samson”. We will stay at the Radisson. I like this location because of the ease of access to the backroads. I don’t have a final cost yet. It will be a little higher than last year, but still very reasonable. Please sign up now. We only have 20 tickets and 10 rooms reserved.



Bro. Bob


Sunday, June 10, the Deployment Approval Committee of the International Mission Board voted to recommend Megan O’Neal for      appointment.  In September, the entire IMB Board of Trustees will vote for approval of her service.  If that passes, she will be appointed September 26th as an “at will” mission employee of the IMB serving in Central Asia.


The family of Clarence “Bubba” Bussell would like to thank Hamburg First Baptist Church for all the calls, texts, visits, food, and love shown to us in our time of loss. Thank you for every act of kindness during this difficult time.

Myrt Cochran, Derenda Stanley and Dayla Gwin                         


Thank you…

To everyone who helps in the food ministry of FBC.  Please check the kitchen and pick up any dishes you may have left here. 

We are trying to get ready for the start of AWANA and need to clean off the counter.

Thank you again for your service.














Kristin Nutter




                 DeWayne Massey            870-737-2926

                 Harry Shiver                     870-853-7079

                 David Streeter                  870-940-0555

                 Kenneth Williams           870-853-6039





August 19, 2018

Ushers: Jack Shell, Chairman, Richard Knight, Sonny Holland, Danny Rial, Mark Morris, Bill Burchfield, Jim Barnes, Michael Stanley, Steve Harriman, Tim Outlaw, Kevin Cotton, Kenny Bowden


Aug 19:  Bed Babies:  Deanne Murphy

2 & 3 Year Olds:  Rebecca Shiver


Aug 26:  Bed Babies:  Jenny Murphy

2 & 3 Year Olds:  Tracy Streeter

Please be in your area by 10:45 for choir members to get in place.