Greetings in the Name of Jesus our Lord!!  As we sang praises and worshipped our God yesterday, we were wonderfully reminded that He is indescribable, incomparable, and He alone is worthy to be praised. There are at least 10,000 reasons and more to give Him glory. The only One who can create a new galaxy in the time it takes to blink an eye…..our Savior and King.

As we continue to describe the GREAT COMMISSION CHURCH as the kind of church that God desires to build right here among us, we understand that we should be a            BALANCED GREAT COMMISSION CHURCH, and a GIVING GCC.


Did you know that the word “give” appears in the pages of the Bible about the same   number of times as the sum total of “faith,” “hope,” and “love?”  God wants a giving church, like the Macedonian churches who “…gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability” (see 2 Cor.8:3).  They were so very willing to test the goodness and the promises of God, and He gave them “overflowing joy.”  What a super testimony of giving!!


A church strong in witness, worship, prayer, giving, fellowship, and the Word will truly     impact its community.  My brothers and sisters at First Baptist, let’s be that GCC for Hamburg!!

Have a blessed week in Christ!!


Bro. Bill

Cell 903-280-1119


After a short break, the Transition Team has resumed meeting weekly.  This past Sunday morning, about 15 – 20 of the issues that were identified during the Family Forum were presented to the deacon officers (as approved by the deacons) for review.  Most of these dealt with items that were really non-issues as they had been taken care of by the church even before the Transition Program began.  An example is:  it was suggested that the Church Committee members serve on a rotation basis.  This is not an issue because the committee members have for many years been rotated with 1/3 of the members rotating off each year and voted on each year at a church business meeting.  There are others like that.  Space allowing, we will mention others in the following weeks’ Lamplighter.  The TT anticipates that the vast majority of the issues presented at the Family Forum will be ready for Church action in a few weeks.  One hold-up, and rightly so,  is the review of the Church Constitution and By-Laws which, of course, sets the basic procedure for all actions of the church.


Speaking of the Constitution and By-Laws Review Committee. A first draft of a proposed revision of the Constitution and By-Laws was presented to the deacons last Sunday. It is evident that much prayer and hard work is going into their efforts. They deliberately are not working too fast in order to make sure it is “right” both Biblically and to meet the specific needs of our Church. No deadline has been set for final presentation to the Church but it shouldn’t be much longer.

Pray for both the Constitution and By-Laws review committee and the Transition Team as they strive to do God’s Will.

Kenneth Williams


There is a new ladies Sunday School class led by Joy Martin that began Sunday, September 2nd. They meet in the northwest corner of the educational building (former youth room). If you have any questions or are interested in this class, call Joy at (870) 853-6765.


So thankful for our Praise Team. They just get better each week. Also thankful for our choir. I know we were down in number, but I appreciate them leading us in worship.


If you have been thinking about joining choir just for the Christmas music, here is your chance. We will start this Wednesday rehearsing Christmas music at the beginning of rehearsal. Now, there may be an exception or two, but we hope do sing Christmas first, and then the “Christmas only” folks can leave.


Children’s Choir meets at 5:00 on Wednesday. These children are having a great time and they’re learning a lot of music. If you child isn’t coming to choir, why not?


Bro. Bob


Dixie Jackson Mission Offering

Arkansas Missions

Week of Prayer

September 9-15, 2018



Thank you to everyone who came and supported the student ministry at the Dine N Dash! We raised $533 and all of that money will be going to students who need help financially going on trips. We will be having specific fundraisers throughout the year that will go specifically to help pay  students way to Street Reach next year.


Also, thank you for supporting the students Sunday night at the Street Reach recap night. I know that the students appreciated y'all being there and listening to them share about their   experience. Also, if you weren't there, let me    issue the challenge to you as well. We call       ourselves a Mission Minded Church, however, when was the last time we as the church actually lived out the call of the Great Commission to "go and make disciples." We need to be actively   looking for opportunities to go into our community, our state, our country, and around the world to live that calling that God has for each and every Christ Follower! 


This week we are finishing up the Expectation series by digging into 1 Peter 5:6-11. This is the wrap up to everything that we have been talking about for the full month of September. Peter    finishes his first letter by giving the way we can live out these expectations that God has for our lives. 

We need volunteers for Youth Supper on Wednesday nights!! Contact Lonni Davis  500-3190

Turner Roberts

John 1:4


We now have 14 going to Branson. You will all receive details about the trip in a couple of weeks. This is the list of those on the trip:  Linda & Leslie Shell, Carolyn McGilton, Vivian McCain, Linda Tucker, Sue Nolan, Bob Endel, Lequieta Endel, Lucille Bierbaum, Pat Hopper, Nancy Rankin, Joy Martin, Sue Trost and Ila LaGrone. It’s gonna be fun!

Bro. Bob


WOM is sponsoring






We need donated items and then bids on the items

donated.  Join the fun and  help us raise money for

this mission offering.



I would like to express my gratitude for the many acts of kindness when I has surgery. The prayers, phone calls, cards, food and visits meant so much to me.  I feel so blessed to be a part of the Hamburg First Baptist Church Family!


Annette Weindorf


Sept 19:  Camp Night…...Pretend Summer Camp

Food:  Deanne Murphy, Jenny Murphy & Lisa Atkins


Sept 26:  Purple Pride Night…….LION Pride

Food:   Joy Martin, Kim Johns, & Nicole Garner



September OCC Boxes Items:


Games/Puzzles/Coloring Books










Kristin Nutter



Ben Carpenter               489-6019

Brad Davis                      814-1653

DeWayne Massey         737-2926

Jack Shell                       853-6457







September 23, 2018

Ushers: Harry Shiver, Chairman, Dale Streeter, Sam Evans, Kyle Harriman, Brad Shiver, Roy McDuffee, Drew Foote,  Alan Riels

Sept 23:  Bed Babies:  Meredith Roberts

                   2 & 3 Year Olds:   Volunteer Needed


Sept 30:  Bed Babies:   Randi Burchfield

                   2 & 3 Year Olds:  Susan Smith



Please be in your area by 10:45 for choir members to get in place.