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We were blessed to witness the baptism of Annie Murphy and Kaleb Carter this past Sunday morning! Let’s continue to pray for these two as they live for Christ and let’s also continue to pray for others who need to make this same decision.


Special thanks goes to all of the church Hostess Committee for their work on the Valentine Banquet this past Sunday evening. I know it was a lot of work, but the food was great and it made for an enjoyable evening for our church family! I also thank the Stone Quartet for providing the program and I thank all of you other church members who did so much in preparation for the banquet!

Bro. Bobby


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Thank you choir for the beautiful special music. I also want to thank Pam Smith for the awesome offertory. Wow! I don’t know if it was recorded but it was so powerful. Thank you, Pam!


I really enjoyed our Valentine Banquet. The food was excellent. Thank you, to the Hostess Committee! I thought the Stone Quartet did a good job, and I enjoyed trying to guess the names for the pictures. I didn’t do very well. Some people have changed a little and some have changed a lot.


Adult Choir

It is time to get serious about our Easter music. Due to some things that we can’t control, our Easter musical will be presented on April 8. We normally sing on Palm Sunday evening, but some of our choir will still be out of town from Spring Break.


                                                                     God bless you all,
                                                                     Bro. Bob


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I need to start off by saying thank you to Brad Davis for filling in for me with the lesson last Wednesday night as well as Jeremy Woodall (BCM director at UAM) for leading worship! I also need to thank the students because we still had around 35 students there and all I heard was that they were very respectful and attentive (and as a student pastor, that makes me very happy!)


This Wednesday, with it being Valentine's Day, we are going to talk about the thing that grosses out Junior High boys while being the thing that high school students through out way too much: LOVE. It is going to be a great night of hanging out and worship and I     cannot wait to see the students! 


If you haven't signed your students up for  SuperSummer, visit this website and get them signed up quick! I will have my  computer open and ready if any of you want to sign your students up Wednesday night! 


Turner Roberts

John 1:4


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Some of you have mentioned going to Hoots in McGehee for a meal. I have set a date for Thursday, March 1. Please call the church office and get your name on the list. That is the only way I can know we have enough to make the trip. This may be a little “pricier” that other places we have been, but I’ve been   assured that it’s worth it! We will leave the church at 4:30 p.m.

Bro. Bob


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Words can never express the outpouring of love we felt from our church family during the loss of our husband, father and Poppy, Freddie Martin.


The food brought to our house and the meal before the funeral was delicious!  Our church food groups are a blessing during a time of loss.


We have the most wonderful staff here at FBC.  Bro. Bobby you are the best.  “Uncle Bobby & Miss Sadie” (as Branson calls you) will be sorely missed by all.  Jim and Linda thanks for helping Nicole.  We could not have asked for a more beautiful service.


Although our loss is hard, it was made easier to get through with our Lord holding us close and our church family doing what they do best——praying for and loving us.


May God bless you all,


Kim & Mark, Nick & Nikki,

Nicole & Chase, Jack & Abby,

Garrett, Callie, Branson,

Beckett & Tuff


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Fellow Church Members,


At the regularly scheduled business meeting on Wednesday, February 14th, there will be a Question & Answer time concerning the Intentional Interim Pastor Program.


The vote will be taken on Sunday, February 18th during morning worship. The results of that church-wide vote (for members 18 years old and older) will then be announced at evening worship.


If you have any questions as to the timeline, the Intentional Interim Pastor Program presentation, or other issues concerning the future of Hamburg First Baptist please contact a Deacon.


Max Dyson

Deacon Chairman

The Deacon Body

Brad Davis                            Ben Carpenter             DeWayne Massey

Jimmy Goodwin                  Max Dyson                   Harry Shiver 

Steve Hartshorn                  Keith Long                    David Streeter

Tommy Hollis                      Donald Wayne             Kenneth Williams

                               Inactive Deacons

Bob Barnes                          Dan Courson                Jack Shell

Todd Callaway                    Bryan Hollis                 Mike Stanley


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We have clubbers in need of sponsors. If you can and will sponsor a child, please call Kristin or Deedee.

Food Pantry Item: Saltine Crackers


14- Happy Valentine’s Day: Wear red and we’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day! (Colossians 3:12-14)
21- Mission’s Night: Bring your change!  Money collected will go to the Annie Armstrong Offering.
28- Twin Night: Pick a friend and dress like a twin!  Will your leader be able to figure out who’s who?
(Genesis 25:19-34)



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Dear Church Family,


Sunday morning, February 25, is Bro. Bobby and Mrs. Sadie’s last day to serve as our pastoral  family.

A celebration in their honor will be held after the morning service. It will be held at the ROC with a church-wide meal.  We, the Hostess Committee will prepare the meats, desserts, bread and drinks.

Please bring a covered dish to complete our meal.  Plan to stay as we fellowship together in the Pennington’s honor.



                                                                                                            Hostess Committee


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